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What sets The Fair Bid apart is our Real Estate Consultanting model. We will help you find the path of least resistance towards your specific goal.

Want to sell directly to an investor for quick cash? We got you covered.

Put your property on a lease option (rent to own) while locking in a sale price and having a motivated tenant pay your mortgage? No problem.

Looking to discuss your options with no obligation or simply understand what the heck a lease option is? Were here for you.

The Fair Bid specializes in tailoring a plan to your situation. We will work tirelessly until your needs are met and you are able to refocus your efforts on things that matter.

Unrivaled Results

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Targeted Techniques

Listing your house with an agent is always an option and if you have a remodeled house in a nice neighborhood might be your best bet. However, do remember that retail home buyers:

  1. Will often place a contingency to have you fix everything they feel needs it
  2. Will expect the seller to pay the 6% commission and all closing costs
  3. Want to view the home when the owner is not there which translates into dozens of inconvenient trips
  4. Tend to back out of deals last minute after they grind down the price
  5. Conventional financing takes up to 60 days for approval and escrows are typically 90 days

Through the Fair Bid home buying process: we will close in a matter a weeks NOT months, pay cash (no bank delays) and you pay zero real estate commissions!

Customer Reviews:

My house was on the market for 5 months before I got fed up and pulled it off. My agent was barely in communication for the last month and I didn’t know what to do. I had one low ball offer four months in that I accepted out of desperation only to have their financing fall through! Once I contacted the Fair Bid it was simple and easy. They came to my house, we agreed on a fair price and the cash hit my account in just a few weeks!

Dennis R.

I inherited a rental property from my father in Santa Ana. His most recent tenants had thoroughly torn up the place and I was not in a position financially to take on the repairs before putting it on the market. A friend suggested the Fair Bid and I gave them a call. Solid organization! I got paid quick and now I am referring them to my friends!

Aaron J.

I found the Fair Bid after doing a google search for home buying services. I was relocating overseas for a promotion and didn’t want to deal with a several months long process of hiring an agent, doing repairs and negotiating with sellers. They were professional, timely and honest. I was able to complete the entire process before my move to Australlia. The Fair Bid came through in the clutch and made my transition much less stressful.